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WEAVE proposes to implement and evaluate a comprehensive approach to 1) decrease the number of children impacted by domestic violence entering Sacramento County Child Protective Services, 2) increase services and supports for parents and their children experiencing domestic violence, and 3) increase family resilience by focusing on a two-generational approach.

Specifically, this project will: develop an early identification and referral system between Sacramento County’s Department of Child, Family and Adult Services, Child Protective Services, and WEAVE to connect identified families to WEAVE and resources in the community. This project will increase family linkages to resources and engagement in supportive services, and increase family resilience; adapt and implement the evidence-based Celebrating Families model and curriculum for parents and their children experiencing domestic violence; train community partners in the modified version of the Celebrating Families parenting model and curriculum to co-facilitate groups with WEAVE. This will allow families to participate in domestic violence groups in the community that focus on mitigating the impact of domestic violence, increasing parent/child positive interactions, increasing parent and child resilience, and decreasing risk factors. Additionally we will provide identified families with Strengths Model case management aligned with protective factors for survivors of domestic violence and evaluate program implementation and outcomes to increase the evidence-based interventions available in the domestic violence field.