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July 20, 2022 | Policy Guidance, Practice Guidance

Bridges to Better


Bridges to Better


Futures Without Violence

Bridges to Better is an approach to improving outcomes for children and families impacted by domestic violence who are in the child welfare system, or are at risk of involvement with child welfare. Bridges to Better was developed by Futures Without Violence in partnership with national organizations (logos below), with guidance from a national advisory committee.

The approach is guided by six principles:

-Recognize interconnected safety and well-being of adult and child survivors
-Partner with survivors
-Respond to unique challenges and build on unique strengths
-Advance racial and gender equity
-Promote healing and well-being

Two innovative practice and policy frameworks, Pathways to Healing and Pathways to Accountability, recommend building protective factors for families impacted by domestic violence, and adopting new ways of working with abusive partners.

More transformative change is needed to build systems that truly center the needs of adult and child survivors. Bridges to Better is an approach – not a model – that requires professionals to collaborate across agencies and sectors to determine how to apply the principles and frameworks in local practice and policy, and how to make the mental and relational shifts that will sustain it.