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Sanctuary for Families, NY

Sanctuary for Families (Sanctuary) will implement, evaluate, and disseminate the work of FamilySafe: an evidence-informed, family-focused assessment and intervention model developed and piloted in the past three years by Sanctuary’s highly experienced, culturally and linguistically diverse clinical staff. By utilizing the Family Safe Assessment tool in shelter and non-residential settings, this project will expand delivery of counseling and supportive services and disseminate the model by: 1) training New York City’s network of domestic violence providers on implementation of the Family Safe Assessment; and (2) training professionals in other systems that touch at-risk children and families on how to identify and sensitively refer children and families.

The FamilySafe Assessment Tool is implemented for virtually all families entering Sanctuary’s clinical or shelter programs—with parents and children/teens of all ages. It helps clinicians identify trauma symptoms and how they are impacting family functioning and attachment. The assessment points to treatment plans employing evidence-based and/or evidence-informed interventions, including individual services for children; dyadic treatment for parent and child together; and support for the non-abusing parent to address their critical role as caregivers and how to respond to the social, emotional, and developmental needs of their child.