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Streetwork Project


Delivery Approach:
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Group & Individual
Delivery Format:
  • In-person
Provider Requirements:
  • No provider requirements
Type of Experience Addressed:
  • Child Abuse
  • Community Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Homicide/Familicide
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Other Types of Experiences Addressed
Engagement Methods:
  • Other Engagement Methods (see Program Details)
Level of Intervention:
  • Intervention
  • Greater than 12 weeks
  • Community-based Setting
  • Other Setting
Program Details:
Type of services provided:

The Streetwork Project, based on a harm reduction philosophy, focuses on building trust and self-esteem to empower youth to change their high-risk behaviors. The program provides counseling, stabilization and case management with an emphasis on enhancing individuality for homeless, street-involved youth. Free services include legal, medical and psychiatric care, long-term counseling, individual and group therapy, advocacy, case management, help in obtaining identification, emergency and transitional housing, GED preparation and support, help in obtaining Medicaid and other benefits, hot meals bag lunches, showers, clothing, wellness activities including acupuncture, yoga, nutritional counseling, HIV prevention counseling, parenting groups, drop-in groups and the opportunity to socialize in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

All clients are assigned a primary counselor who assists them in accessing services and obtaining referrals as needed. Clients received two counseling days weekly.

Program setting:

Drop-in center, day treatment settings

Length of program/number of sessions:

Not specified

Type(s) of trauma/concerns addressed:

Youth homelessness, multiple types of trauma experienced by homeless and street-involved youth including community violence, gang violence, domestic violence, teen relationship abuse, homicide, child abuse, bias crimes, terrorism

Symptoms addressed:

Not specified

Education level of providers:

Not specified

Additional information:


Unique/Innovative Characteristics:

This intervention reaches out to homeless and street-involved youth with recognition of the high likelihood of multiple traumas including domestic violence. The Streetwork Project’s harm reduction philosophy provides a holistic approach that addresses the needs and realities of these youth with a wide range of services that go beyond the usual clinical response to trauma.

Date Added/Updated:


Population Served

  • 13-17 (Adolescent)
  • 18-25 (Young Adult)
Population Language:
  • English
Ethnic Racial Group:
  • Unspecified Ethnic Racial Group
  • Child
Population Adaptations:
Age range of children served:

13 to 23 years of age

Are parent/adult caregiver(s) included in intervention?


Ethnic/racial and other groups served:

Streetwork has served a wide variety of religious groups as well as LGBT youth. While implemented in an urban area (New York City), it is a flexible model that could be adapted to other regions.

Specific cultural adaptations:

None indicated

Languages that service/resource is available:



Goals of the program/services:
  • Reaching out to homeless and disenfranchised youth and offering them respite from hunger, cold, loneliness and fear.
Evaluation Studies:
Has there been any evaluation?

Extensive process evaluation system

Key evaluation results:

None available

Is there an evaluation currently in progress or planned?

An outcome evaluation program is being implemented to measure change in levels of stability, access to services, housing problems, safer sex practices, drug use and financial problems

Publications about the program:

None indicated

Rated/Reviewed by Evidence Based Registries:

The National Traumatic Stress Network Treatments and Practices, Trauma Interventions 

Training & Resources

Training Language:
Training Available:
  • Yes
Training Details:
Training manuals/protocols:

None indicated


Training Contact:

Contact Safe Horizons

Program Contact

Carrie Epstein
(347) 328-8031