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July 15, 2022 | External Resource

Let's Connect

Let’s Connect (LC) is a parenting intervention that teaches caregivers to identify and respond to children’s emotional needs and behaviors in a way that builds connection and warmth and promotes children’s emotional competence, sense of emotional security, and well-being. Let’s Connect does this in 4 primary ways:

1-Provides caregiver education about resilience, social and emotional development, family emotional climate, children’s behavioral challenges, and other topics specific to each family, including child trauma.

2-Builds caregivers own social and emotional skills and well-being, including caregiver self-awareness, perspective taking, emotional regulation, and supportive presence.

3-Teaches caregivers specific skills for interacting with their child in a way that promotes supportive relationship quality, child social and emotional competence, and children’s mental/behavioral health and well-being.

4-Supports caregivers in developing intentional environments that integrate rituals, routines, and daily rhythms into the home to promote predictability, consistency, and opportunities for connection.

Let’s Connect skills are grounded in developmental and clinical research. Research shows that caregiver response to child emotion is central to fostering children’s social and emotional competence (e.g., emotion regulation), emotional security, mental/behavioral/physical health, and overall resilience.  LC offers individualized training, skills modeling, and live support for skills practice for caregivers of children and youth (ages 3-15) over approximately 8 to 12 sessions.  Families gain specific tools for addressing behavioral challenges and talking about important, and sometimes difficult, family topics, including family transitions, divorce, separation, illness, trauma, grief and loss.