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November 3, 2015 | External Resource, Report

How Do We Know That Domestic Violence Programs are Making a Difference? A Guide for Using the Measure of Victim Empowerment Related to Safety (MOVERS)


Lisa a. Goodman, PhD., Kristie A. Thomas PhD., Deborah Heimel, MS

Publication Date:


Domestic violence (DV) programs are facing enormous pressure to demonstrate the impact of their work. A key challenge to evaluation, however, is the absence of outcome measurement tools that reflect survivors’ own goals, or the work that DV programs aim to do. MOVERS (Measure of Victim Empowerment Related to Safety) was created to fill this gap.

The main point of MOVERS is to assess change in individual survivors over time. MOVERS can be used in two ways: To provide evidence that program services and supports “work,” or to facilitate a conversation between advocate and survivor about what is and is not going well for the survivor regarding safety.