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August 20, 2022 | Curriculum, Training

Building Competence and Resilience in Children and Parents: The Advocate as Change Agent

Developed by:

Betsy McAlister Groves, Maxine Weinreb, Megan Bair Merritt, Zulema Ruby White Starr, Neena McConnico, and Mie Fukuda

A Workshop in Six Modules for Advocates who Work with Parents and Children Impacted by Domestic Violence

Advocates who work with parents and children impacted by domestic violence play an essential role in supporting them to process and heal from their experiences with violence. The foundation for this curriculum is rooted in the power of relationships as essential to healing: the child-parent relationship and the advocate-parent-child relationship. The goal of this two day in-person training is to improve advocates’ skills in supporting and deepening these essential relationships.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this training, advocates will be better able to: 

  • Apply principles of reflective practice to their work with children and parents 

  • Incorporate an anti-oppression and cultural humility approach to strengthen their work with child and adult survivors of domestic violence

  • Identify the connection between exposure to IPV and healthy child development 

  • Explain how a child’s healthy development and relationships with others can promote resilience 

  • Identify the elements of caring environments that foster positive communication between children and parents 

  • Gain skills to identify a child’s trauma-related behaviors and promote safety and resilience building 

  • Incorporate trauma-informed practices in their workplace 


  • Foundation: Self-Care & Anti-Oppressive Reflective Practice 

  • The Basics: Essential Context & Findings from Theory & Research 

  • Strengthening the Child-Parent Relationship 

  • Supporting the Parent 

  • Supporting Children’s Healing 

  • Engaging in Reflective Practice & Maintaining Resilience in our Professional Lives 

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