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A New Leaf, Inc., AZ

A New Leaf’s Project DVHEART is designed to take a trauma informed approach to enhancing and increasing the capacity of A New Leaf and the Family Involvement Center to reach children and parents exposed to domestic violence.

DVHEART will focus on meeting the needs of children and their non-abusing parent through survivor centered approaches, including helping them heal from their trauma, creating secure relationships and building healthy bonds. Children exposed to domestic violence have a higher risk of obesity, cancer, heart disease, depression, substance abuse, tobacco use and unintended pregnancies. Having a caring, nonviolent parent can have a positive, lasting impact on a child exposed to domestic violence. Positive parenting and helping families heal from their trauma builds up the connection between the parent and child to increase resiliency in children as a protective factor against the trauma they have experienced.

A New Leaf’s DVHEART will provide several services to abused parents and their children, including parenting workshops, healing art workshops, advocacy, counseling, and access to case management with referrals to various other A New Leaf programs that support the financial, social, emotional, and developmentally needs of children.