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Welcome to
Promising Futures
A Project of Futures Without Violence

We envision a world free of violence, where all children, families, and communities have everything they need to thrive.

What we do

We partner with communities to improve responses to family violence.

Whether you are just starting to explore how your program, community, or state could improve responses to domestic violence for parent and child survivors, or you have been delivering trauma-informed, culturally relevant and evidence-based services for all family members for years, this website has the latest strategies, resources, and tools that can support your program development, implementation, and ability to share your actionable insights and impact with the field. The website is organized into three major categories – Designing & Innovating Solutions; Strategies for Healing & Strengthening Families; and Policy Changes to Help Families Thrive.

We envisioned this website as an evolving resource for programs, communities and states – so please share with us all of the innovative work and tools you have developed so that we can continue to highlight the work of the field. This website is for you, so please let us know how we can support and advance your practice.

What’s New

View our upcoming events and new resources

How we do it

We aim to prevent violence and improve outcomes for parent and child survivors of family violence through:

Designing & Innovating Solutions

Explore strategies and stories to generate breakthrough ideas and improve programming. A strong program design places community and survivor voices at the center – ensuring both cultural relevance and the creation of services meet the actual needs of families. 

Strategies for Healing & Strengthening Families

Explore strategies and stories that improve children and families’ lives. Implementing strategies and interventions that are evidence-informed, culturally relevant, trauma-informed, and equity driven are essential ingredients to effective practice and lead to better outcomes.

Policy Changes to Help Families Thrive

Explore strategies and stories that make a difference. Policies and legislation can support the prevention of violence against women, children and youth, support healthy families and communities, and help victims of violence and abuse survive, heal and thrive.

Tools for making
tough decisions

Guiding principles to improve outcomes for those impacted by family violence

Centering Lived Expertise

Facilitate people’s ability to define their experiences and direct the trajectory of their lives.


Implement approaches that are responsive to the connection between family violence and other forms of oppression that impact people’s lives.


Capture stories and spread their impact using a wide-range of interpersonal, cultural, and research and evaluation approaches.


Build programs and systems that prioritize adult and child survivors’ interests equally to address their physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and environmental safety.


Create a wide array of pathways to healing for all people impacted by violence powered by individual, family, and community relationships.


Establish transformational partnerships that shift power to communities.


Establish practices that hold people who use violence responsible, repair harm caused by people and systems, and change the conditions that perpetuate violence.