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September 22, 2022 | Workbook

Workbook for Fathers Who Have Used Violence Against Their Partners


Juan Carlos Arean, et al.

Publication Date


Futures Without Violence has worked at the intersection of fatherhood and domestic violence for more than two decades. How do you want your kids to remember you? is a workbook for fathers who have harmed their partners and families and want to change. It is based on years of practice experience, research, and the voices of parent and child survivors and fathers who have hurt their families, renounced their abuse, and repaired their relationships with their children. It introduces practical exercises that fathers can do on their own or with the support of a trusted friend or family member, a faith or community leader, or a therapist or counselor. The exercises provide a roadmap for fathers to begin the difficult journey of transformation and healing. The workbook helps fathers develop motivation for change by making them aware of the effects of violence on children and utilizing the sc ience of hope to support their process of positive change.

If you work with fathers who use violence or if you are a father who wants to change, download a free copy How do you want your kids to remember you? and please let us know how you use it!

This product was co-produced by Promising Futures and the Center for Court Innovation. It was generously funded by the Office on Violence Against Women (OJP) and the Administration on Children, Youth and Families (HHS).