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Intimate Partner Violence - Family Assessment Intervention Response (IPV-FAIR)


Delivery Approach:
  • Group
Delivery Format:
  • In-Person
Provider Requirements:
  • Licensed/Certified Professional Led
Type of Experience Addressed:
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Verbal/Emotional Abuse
  • Family Separation
  • Reunification
  • Other Types of Experiences Addressed (see Program Details)
Engagement Methods:
  • Talk-based
  • Other Engagement Methods (see Program Details)
Level of Intervention:
  • Intervention
  • Greater than 12 weeks
  • Foster Care
  • Correctional
  • Community Based Agency
  • Family Service Agency
  • Other Setting (see Program Details)
Program Details:
Type of services provided

IPV-FAIR is an ecological, strengths-focused model providing a comprehensive response to families involved with child protection impacted by intimate partner violence.  IPV-FAIR is primarily an in-home service.  Clinic based services may be utilized if requested by the family or if services in the home would pose a risk to safety or confidentiality other community sites may be utilized if confidentiality and privacy can be assured.  IPV-FAIR includes the engagement and assessment of ALL family members, while keeping safety as the highest priority.  The model will offer a variety of interventions based on assessed needs and will provide services/linkages for the children affected by IPV to adequately address trauma.  IPV-FAIR provides families with safety-planning, case management/advocacy services, counseling, parenting education and a fathering intervention called Fathers for Change (profile on this website).  Families are referred by child protection services through an intimate partner violence specialist. The IPV-FAIR model has been implemented across the six regions of the State of Connecticut.  

IPV-FAIR is implemented by a clinician and family navigator team assigned to each case.  Family Navigators provide case management services to both caregivers (as deemed appropriate in the case plan) and will assist in addressing any barriers to engagement. 

Clinicians and Family Navigators will practice Assertive Engagement to address ongoing engagement needs and any breaks in service provision.  Minimal assertive engagement attempts will be made three times per week to re-engage caregivers.  Assessments are conducted separately for the father, mother and children in the family to determine the services and focus of treatment for each member of the family.  Three structured treatment programs can be provided within the context of IPV-FAIR:  Fathers for Change, Mothers and More and Circle of Security. 

Program setting:

Typically home based, but can be offered in clinic, community or, prison family re-entry programs

Length of program/number of sessions:

4-6 months with possible extension; 1-3 sessions per week

Type(s) of trauma/concerns addressed

Intimate partner violence and child maltreatment

Education level of providers:

Masters level clinicians and Bachelors level family navigators 

Unique/Innovative Characteristics: 
  • Addresses the complexities and special needs of families in the child protection system when parents/caregivers are also experiencing intimate partner violence
  • Recognizes the reality that couples experiencing intimate partner violence, whether or not they maintain their relationship, often continue in a co-parenting relationship
  • IPV-FAIR works with all members of a family 

Date Added/Updated:


Population Served

Population Language:
  • English
  • Spanish
Ethnic Racial Group:
  • Unspecified Ethnic Racial Group
  • Survivor parent
  • Parent who uses Violence
Population Adaptations:
Age range of children

No age specified; intervention is targeted to parents/caregivers 

Are parent/adult caregiver(s) included in intervention?

Yes, this is an intervention for parents/caregivers 

Ethnic/racial and other groups served:

The multi-site pilot in Connecticut is serving an ethnically diverse population.  

Specific cultural adaptations

None specified. 

Languages that service/resource is available

English and Spanish  


Goals of the program/services: 
  •  Provide a family-oriented, comprehensive response to intimate partner violence (IPV) that offers meaningful, sustainable assistance to families in safe, respectful, culturally relevant ways that is responsive to the unique strengths, concerns and needs of each family 
  • Provide wrap around services to all members of the family to decrease IPV and associated difficulties through a team approach. 
  • To better serve the complex needs of families involved in the child protection service system when families are experiencing intimate partner violence 
  • Offer alternative services for couples experiencing IPV who are in a co-parenting relationship 
Evaluation Studies:

Statewide implementation evaluation is underway with cases from 6 state agencies providing outcome data.  Preliminary analyses indicate significant reductions in abusive behaviors and children’s exposure to conflict/violence as reported by mothers on the Abusive Behavior Inventory and the co-parenting relationship scale.  Fathers report reduced emotion dysregulation on the Difficulties with Emotion Regulation Scale and Anger on the Multidimensional Anger Inventory.  Both fathers and mothers self-report reduced anxiety, PTSD and depression symptoms.  Data from IPV-FAIR referred families to a propensity score matched comparison group are currently underway to examine impact of IPV-FAIR on repeat calls to child protection due to IPV or other child maltreatment and child out of home placement. 

Training & Resources

Training Language
  • English
Training Available:
  • Yes
Training Details:
Training manuals/protocols:

Here is an operation manual for IPV-FAIR along with specific training manuals and developed training curricula for Fathers for Change and Mothers and More. 

Training available:

2 day training in Fathers for Change and 1 day training in Mothers and More followed by ongoing consultation calls to assist with implementation. 

Languages that training/resource is available:


Training Contact: