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Violence Intervention Program, NY

LatiNext Generation: Culturally Affirming Services for Children and Parents Affected by Domestic Violence is a project of the Violence Intervention Program. Violence Intervention Program (VIP), the only organization in New York City whose mission is to provide culturally specific services to Latinx survivors of domestic and sexual violence, will 1) improve systems and responses available to Latinx parents and their children who have been exposed to domestic violence and 2) enhance the knowledge base of culturally relevant, evidence-informed, and practice-informed interventions for Latinx families.

VIP will develop and launch a new Child and Adolescent Program to be staffed by full-time clinicians and counselors. The Child and Adolescent Program will recruit families from VIP’s existing residential and non-residential programs to participate in a targeted intervention aimed at strengthening parent-child bonds while integrating culturally affirming practices for individual and group counseling, parenting workshops, and art therapy. These clinical interventions will incorporate cultural practices familiar to communities hailing from Latin American heritages to strengthen the bonds between parents and children who have experienced domestic violence.