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April 28, 2018 | Training

Trauma Focused-CBT with Childhood Traumatic Grief Web Training

C.T.G. Web describes an adaptation of trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy for treating childhood traumatic grief. This course sequentially adds grief-focused treatment components to the trauma-focused techniques covered in the T.F.-C.B.T. Web course. C.T.G. Web is available only to learners who have already completed T.F.-C.B.T. Web. You will find that this course is organized very similarly to T.F.-C.B.T. Web and includes many of the same features, including step-by-step instructions, streaming video demonstrations, and scripts and informational handouts that you can print. C.T.G. Web also includes additional information about cultural and religious considerations that may be relevant to children suffering from traumatic grief. The course is divided into six modules; as in T.F.-C.B.T. Web, you will first proceed through the modules in the sequence listed on the front page. You can return to any module that you have already finished, but you won’t be able to skip ahead without completing the previous module.