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August 9, 2020 | Video

Transformation is Now: Toward an Integrated, Intersectional Movement

Voices from Our Movement: a 3-part video series on ending racism and oppression as the heart of our anti-violence movement

These videos and discussion guides are intended to be used by domestic and sexual violence advocates and activists to spark conversations on the ways that racism and oppression have shaped our anti-violence movements and how we can dismantle racism in our organizations and communities. In these videos, you will hear from advocates and organizers who discuss their own experiences, perceptions, and journeys of practicing anti-racism as a means of ending gender-based and intimate violence. We invite you to view these videos with an open heart, on your own or with others.

For White people watching these videos, it is beneficial and important to sit with any feelings of discomfort, listen to feelings, stories, and perspectives of people of color, and move towards repair, action, and accountability.

If you have feedback about your experience using this set of resources or suggestions on how they can be improved, please share your thoughts with us! For questions about these videos and accompanying materials please contact Kate Vander Tuig at

Many thanks to the following people who contributed their time, expertise, and stories to these videos!

Vanessa Timmons – Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence; Pablo Espinoza & Lidia Salazar – Community United Against Violence (CUAV), Amita Swadhin – Mirror Memoirs, Kelly Miller – Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence, Maya Pilgrim – Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Orchid Pusey – Asian Women’s Shelter, Jose Juan Lara Jr. – Casa de Esperanza/National Latin@ Network, María Limón – University of Colorado, Denver, Zoe Flowers – Women of Color Network, Lisa Fujie Parks – Prevention Institute, Debra Ward – YWCA of San Gabriel Valley, and Amina White – University of North Carolina School of Medicine.