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The Wellspring Alliance for Families, Inc., LA

The HOPE Program of the Wellspring Alliance for Families will prevent future domestic violence by providing trauma-informed services that address the needs of children exposed to violence (CEV). The HOPE Program will serve the target population of children exposed to domestic violence, family violence, or dating violence and their non-abusive parent by providing and coordinating services to help CEV and their non-abusing parents Heal, Overcome, Persevere, and Emerge empowered (HOPE). This multi-year demonstration project will also improve systemic responses to the target population with project partners: Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services; Ochsner/LSU Family Medicine Residency Program at Monroe; SAFE Task Force of Ouachita Parish; and SAFER Task Forces of Morehouse and Franklin Parishes (counties).

The HOPE Program will achieved this by 1) increasing the identification of CEV and enhancing trauma-informed responsiveness; 2) updating the SAFE and SAFER Task Forces Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence manuals by developing the CEV section; and 3) enhancing evidence-informed services and interventions for children exposed to violence through peer to peer engagement and dissemination of project outcomes.

The project will enhance capacity and expand direct services benefiting CEV. A wide array of trauma-informed, culturally responsive services will be provided with a threefold focus: 1) help the child(ren) overcome trauma; 2) strengthen the relationship between the non-abusive parent and the child; and 3) support the adult victim parent in understanding and effectively responding to the needs of their child(ren). Services will increase resilience in response to trauma, increase HOPE among participants, and prevent future domestic violence.