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August 10, 2020 | Report

Supporting LGBTQ Survivors of Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Erika Dixon


NCAVP, of the New York City Anti-Violence Project

Publication Date:


NCAVP surveyed their member programs to get a more accurate picture of how COVID-19 was affecting advocates. service providers, survivors, and organizations. Seventeen member programs in fourteen states completed the survey, representing urban and suburban areas in the east, south, midwest and west coast. Responses range from organizations that have a large organizational infrastructure of over 100 employees to AVPs with one or two volunteer advocates. This report serves to document the trends in challenges to service provision and the impact of COVID-19 on advocates and survivors, as well as innovative ways that AVPs
have responded to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Survey responses were collected in mid-April 2020 and are a snapshot of that moment. We expect that the responses of AVPs have and will continue to shift as different regions of the country see waves of COVID-19 infections and as groups continue to adapt to this new landscape.