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August 15, 2009 | Practice Guidance

Strategies to Improve Domestic Violence Responses in CFSR Program Improvement Plans


Shellie Taggart

Publication Date:

August 2009

Child and Family Service Reviews1 (CFSRs) evaluate public child welfare systems to determine how well they achieve safety, permanency, and well-being in difficult situations of neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and co-existing domestic violence,2 substance abuse, mental health issues, poverty, and community violence. Once the review is completed and the final report written, state child welfare stakeholders develop Program Improvement Plans (PIPs) for their public child welfare system. Unidentified domestic violence or unsafe intervention in domestic violence situations may contribute to poor outcomes for families. This guide can help stakeholders develop effective PIPs for achieving safety, permanency, and well-being in domestic violence cases, and to identify or anticipate related technical assistance needs.