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Safe Alliance, TX

The SAFE Futures program at The SAFE Alliance which implemented the FVPSA SAFE and Nurturing Families project from 2016-2020 provides specialized services for Travis County area families who have experienced family violence and are involved with the child welfare system. The program provides survivor education about domestic violence and protective parenting, comprehensive case management, and legal advocacy. Participants are generally court ordered or Child Protective Services referred to participate in survivor education, and then move into legal advocacy/support. Parents receive assistance in navigating the child welfare system, meeting court requirements, and maintaining or regaining their parental rights. They are also better able to build and maintain healthy relationships with their children, improve their parenting skills, and enhance the resiliency of the family, thereby keeping children out of the foster care system and preventing the many associated disparities, including future homelessness, incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and victimization and health disparities. In doing this work, the SAFE Futures team also builds collaborative relationships and provides training to court personnel, including Child Protective Services staff, CASA, attorneys, and judicial staff. 

The Problem SAFE Futures is Addressing

Domestic violence in the home is the single greatest predictor for child abuse fatality. 

While removing a child from a violent situation is vital for their safety and wellbeing, they are too often also removed from the care of a non-violent, non-offending parent, thus creating further negative outcomes for parents and children. 

  • 30-60% of children from homes where domestic violence is present are also victims of abuse.

  • 197,027 reported incidences of family violence in Texas (2018).

  • 49,525 Texas children in state care (2018).

Program Effectiveness

This program is at the core of SAFE’s mission to Stop Abuse For Everyone. Most importantly – it works. Lives are being saved today and for future generations. SAFE is continuing to work toward securing funding for this critical program. 

  • 68% of families served were able to maintain custody of, or be reunified with, their children (10/18-9/19).

  • 96% of parents attending SAFE’s Protective Parenting class reported feeling more confident in creating a safe and nurturing environment for their children (2019).

  • 100% of child welfare professionals attending training provided by SAFE reported an increase in skills working with families who have experienced domestic violence (2019).


“A game-changer for families.”

Aurora Martinez-Jones

Travis County Family Court Judge

“I felt safe with them. I feel like they saved my life. Being sent by CPS, and meeting them I feel like really changed everything in my case.”

SAFE Futures Client

“Many survivors and their children are safer due to the hard work and dedication of your organization and its staff. The entirety of your project has created a strong and solid foundation for continued success and growth!”

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