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April 10, 2024 | Practice Guidance

Rivera-Azad Sexual Healing Integration Model (RASHIM)


The HEAL Project

Image of The Heal Project's RASHIM (Rivera-Azad Sexual Healing Integration Model) - "A roadmap to sexual liberation."

Advance your Organization or Program with RASHIM

The Rivera-Azad Sexual Healing Integration Model (RASHIM) is a demystifier of the world of sex and sexual relations. It contains more than three decades of combined experiences of Mx. Rivera and Mx. Azad, two intersectional sexuality educators who have dedicated their work to healing sexual trauma through sexual liberation. Every element of sexuality must be understood within the existing power relations, and that redistribution of power is essential to the work of sexual healing and liberation.

RASHIM offers a roadmap for sexual healing that captures the past, present, and future of our sexual relations. RASHIM locates nine areas of sexuality navigation, referred to as Pillars. Each Pillar represents a unique step in human sexual evolution and contains experiences, ideas, feelings, and actions. While the pillars are interconnected and relevant throughout our lives, they are categorized into three stages: rooting, growing, and yielding.

Materials are available in English and Spanish.

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The HEAL Project

Aredvi Azad; Ignacio Rivera