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Pueblo Young Women's Christian Association, CO

The Help, Empower, Achieve and Lead (HEAL) project of the YWCA of Pueblo unites five agencies under one common goal: To empower children and adult victims impacted by domestic violence, family violence, and sexual assault (DV/FV/SA) in creating positive futures through two-generation health and resiliency. Four additional partners create the project’s Core Management Team: Health Solutions; Pueblo Child Advocacy Center; Catholic Charities – Diocese of Pueblo; and the Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance (ACOVA). YWCA of Pueblo will move from a linear, single agency response to a coordinated system for both child and adult survivors.

Strategies include improved law enforcement response and triage; forensic interviewing for children and adults; increased child and adult safety through enhanced safe exchange with the abusive parent; access to drop-in childcare for court appearances, counseling and job search; significantly expanded individual and group DV/FV/SA counseling for shelter (residential) and non-residential survivors; Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and resilience scale assessments to inform strengths-based treatment and stability planning; high fidelity wraparound services through a mobile case manager for non-residential survivors for up to 12 months post-trauma and focus on safety, stability, and positive social network development; and family strengthening through parenting, economic development, and home visits. Systemically, HEAL builds on two successful two-generation focused initiatives for at-risk families and young children.