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October 14, 2022 | Policy Guidance, Practice Guidance

Promising Futures Guiding Principles

Publication Date:

October 2022

Guiding principles inform and guide decisions and choices. They are needed to provide clear guideposts, allow for diferent, but not conflicting, interpretations, and distill collective insights from years of experience. The Guiding Principles to Improve Outcomes for Children, Youth, and Parents Impacted by Family Violence (Guiding Principles) build on previous discussion papers1 to improve outcomes for children exposed to domestic violence. The Guiding Principles are designed to inform program development, intervention, and evaluation in programs that serve children, youth, and parents overcoming domestic violence as well as those who use violence. They include key considerations on Partnership, Equity, Storytelling, Healing, Centering Lived Expertise, Accountability, and Safety. The principles are not listed in order of priority; each are of equal importance and work together to promote positive outcomes. The Guiding Principles should shape culture, dictate behaviors, and drive decisions in organizations, regardless of changes to program strategies, approaches, programming, activities, and goals.