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Group Treatment for Children Affected by Domestic Violence


Delivery Approach:
  • Group
  • Dyadic
Delivery Format:
  • In-Person
Provider Requirements:
  • Licensed/Certified Professional Led
  • DV/SA Advocate Led
  • Other Provider Requirements (see Program Details)
Type of Experience Addressed:
  • Child Abuse
  • Community Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Other Type of Experience Addressed (see Program Details)
Engagement Methods:
  • Somatic
  • Arts based
  • Dance/Theater based
  • Talk-Based
  • Experiential
  • Play Based
  • Other Engagement Methods (see Program Details)
Level of Intervention:
  • Intervention
  • Greater than 12 weeks
  • Family Service Agency
  • Community Based Agency
  • Other Settings (see Program Details)
Program Details:
Type of services provided:

Group Treatment for Children Affected by Domestic Violence is a group intervention composed of 11 topic- driven modules: why am I here, my world, perceptions/awareness, environmental cues, thoughts/feelings/behaviors, communication, violence information, coping, anger management, blame/responsibility, feelings identification and loss/separation ambivalence. Children and nonoffending parents attend weekly parallel group sessions with similar content. Multigroup family sessions are held half-way through the intervention. Alternative practices including mindfulness exercises, movement therapy, music and art are integrated into this trauma-focused treatment intervention.

Program setting:

Multiservice agency that offers a wide array of other services including assistance with concrete needs and therapy

Length of program/number of sessions:

44 weekly sessions offered over one year

Type(s) of trauma/concerns addressed:

Exposure to domestic violence; poly exposure including physical abuse, sexual abuse, community violence, refugee/immigration issues

Symptoms addressed:

Not specified

Education level of providers:


Additional information:


Unique/Innovative Characteristics:

Not specified

Date Added/Updated:


Population Served

  • English
Ethnic Racial Group:
  • Unspecified Ethnic Racial Group
  • Child
  • Child and Non-abusive Parent/Caregiver
  • Family
  • Survivor parent
  • Foster/Adoptive Parents
Population Adaptations:
Age range of children served:

Not specified

Are parent/adult caregiver(s) included in intervention?

Yes, nonoffending parent/caregiver

Ethnic/racial and other groups served:

Group sessions address implications of domestic violence in gay and lesbian families and spiritual and religious issues related to domestic violence and recovery from trauma

Specific cultural adaptations:

Not indicated

Languages that service/resource is available:



Goals of the program/services:

Not specified

Evaluation Studies:
Has there been any evaluation?

Not indicated

Key evaluation results:

Not indicated

Is there an evaluation currently in progress or planned?

Not indicated

Publications about the program:

Not indicated

Rated/Reviewed by Evidence Based Registries:

The National Traumatic Stress Network Treatments and Practices, Trauma Interventions 

Training & Resources

Training Language:
  • Not applicable
Training Availability:
  • No
Training Details:
Training manuals/protocols:


Training Contact:

Not applicable

Program Contact

Leslie Ann Ross, PsyD

(213) 807-1830