Tips on Searching for a Program Model

Under Find a Program Model, users can view all interventions, or search for and view programs by numerous categories. Each program profile includes an overview of the evaluation of the program including links to evidence registries that have reviewed and/or rated the level of evidence supporting the program. Additionally we have developed a table with all program models listed and where they have been rated by evidence based and promising practices registries/databases. Each of these registries has a different rating or review system. If an intervention is not represented in a registry this does not mean it is not evidence based or a promising practice as we did not review an exhaustive list. This table is just one way to help advocates understand levels of evidence and evaluations for each model in our database.

To help you find the program you are looking for:

  • Select no categories to view all models in alphabetical order
  • Select one or more categories to refine your search. The more categories you select the more refined your search will be.
  • If you want to deselect a category, click the red X next to the category name under the search box.
  • If you want to clear all search criteria, click the red X next to “clear all” under the search box.
  • If you know the name or a key word/phrase relating to a specific model, type that in the search box. The results will include all models and documents within the website that contain this word/phrase.
  • You can also search by the model developer’s name
  • In some of the profiles, the information was unavailable or unspecified, so it might be helpful to also view programs listed under the “unspecified” categories as this may result in a program that fits your criteria.