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Community Advocates for Family & Youth, MD

Community Advocates for Family & Youth (CAFY)’s Serving Abused Families and Preventing Future Violence Program (SAFFUTURES) will serve abused parents and their children through Red Flag trainings in the community, outreach to raise awareness, and providing innovative and coordinated victim services, counseling, court education and family skill building. SAFFUTURES will expand Community Advocates for Family & Youth’s capacity to provide trauma-informed, culturally-relevant and linguistically-accessible assistance to address and prevent family violence in the county.

The program will train local providers, neighborhoods and stakeholders in identifying abuse and families affected by violence while raising awareness in the community about resources available through outreach. Using trauma-informed and evidence-based processes, SAFFUTURES will provide client-focused, developmentally-appropriate family help using the Strengthening Families Program, a proven evidence-based skills building program that helps guardians and children impacted by trauma improve communication, relationships, and boundaries.

Leveraging referrals from CAFY’s well-established memoranda of understanding with county law enforcement and other local municipal police departments, CAFY will utilize social worker advocates, behavioral health staff and volunteers to respond to families in crisis and help with long term planning to secure safety, financial stability and participation in the judicial process, while creating the factors for a future without violence.