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Child Saving Institute, Inc., NE

Child Saving Institute (CSI), in partnership with The Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA), will implement Kids’ Club & Parents’ Empowerment Program, co-occurring groups for children and their non-abusing parents who have suffered trauma as a result of domestic primary and secondary violence. This programming welcomes victims of sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking, and their children. The program will provide co-occurring groups which will support, and address trauma experienced by victims of intimate partner violence and their children.

Evidence-based programming such as Kids’ Club and Moms’ Empowerment Programs (Graham-Bermann, 1992) have been proven to yield positive outcomes for children and their parents. The over-arching goals of this program are to reduce children’s externalizing and internalizing behaviors and attitudes about violence, build parenting competence by reducing the effects of traumatic stress resulting from an exposure to intimate partner violence, educate parents about the detrimental effects that secondary violence has on children, and increase capacity of both agencies to serve the child/parent dyad. Groups will be gender neutral, cost-free, and adaptable to many languages.