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Child and Family Service, HI

The future of Hawaii’s communities depends on our ability to foster the health and wellbeing of our Keiki (children) within a safe and nurturing environment. Child and Family Service’s Domestic Violence Services for Children and Families project will serve families on the Island of Oahu, and across Hawaii Island (Kona and Hilo locations).

Child and Family Service will conduct evidence-based screens for children who endured domestic violence in their home ages 0-5.5, and comprehensive assessments to children ages 4-17 to educate their non-abusing parent about how domestic violence impacts their children. Adult victims of domestic violence will be educated and supported in mitigating the effects of domestic violence on themselves and their child(ren). Efforts will be made to assist in improving parent child bonding and attachment.

The program will prioritize Native Hawaiian families but will be open to all populations. Domestic violence training shall be offered to the community inclusive of the data collected by Domestic Violence Services for Children and Families project. Evidenced based assessment and curriculum tools include the Ages & Stages Questionnaire® (ASQ®)-3, ASQ®: Social-Emotional-2, the Child Exposure to Domestic Violence (CEDV) scale and Seeking Safety curriculum with frameworks and interventions selected.