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Center for Domestic Peace, CA

In This Together (ITT): Ending Children & Youth Exposure to Domestic Violence is led by Center for Domestic Peace (C4DP) and partners with Community Action Marin (CAM), Marin County District Attorney’s Office (MCDA), Marin County Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Network (CCR Network), Marin County Health & Human Services (MHHS), and Dominican University of California Evaluation Team (DUET). This partnership will preserve and expand safety and recovery for children and youth exposed to domestic violence and their non-abusing parent in Marin County, California.

Outcomes include: increased bonding between children and youth and their non-abusing parents; reduction in the impact of domestic violence on children and youth’s mental/behavioral health; increased confidence of parents in their parenting; increased program utilization by African American and Hispanic/Latino populations from rural areas; greater awareness among abusers of how their history of abuse has impacted their parenting; increased safety, community connectedness, and/or self-advocacy of non-abusing parents; and increase in providers’ ability to identify and refer children and youth exposed to domestic violence.