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Bradley Angle, OR

Bradley Angle’s Freedom From Violence (FFV) project is designed to interrupt the cycle of intergenerational violence experienced by survivors from Portland, Oregon’s Black, African, and African American community; dilute toxic stress by offering culturally specific and trauma-informed services that promote healing; and contribute to a growing practice of culturally responsive and community-centric approaches to serving marginalized families who have survived domestic violence.

The target population of the FFV project are youth ages 10-18 with parents who are receiving services through Bradley Angle’s Healing Roots program, a culturally specific program for survivors who identify as Black, African, and African American. The FFV project action plan involves conducting a community needs assessment, developing a comprehensive performance evaluation plan, hiring staff from the target community, and creating a trauma informed and culturally inclusive space for experiential program activities in Bradley Angle’s Resource Center in North Portland.

Program activities will include individual and group interventions, culturally specific mentoring support, culturally specific mental health services, and opportunities for families to learn and heal together. Activities will be culturally embedded, trauma-informed, and age appropriate.