Advocates Speak

“As Creative Arts Therapists working with children affected by domestic violence, we have found that including the parent-child dynamic as part of the treatment is vital. Not only does it strengthen the parent-child bond, but it provides an opportunity for appropriate roles within the family to be restored and supports the client’s ability to reach their identified treatment goals. We often see that children affected by domestic violence take on parentified or regressed roles within their family, due to trauma and due to the non-offending parent having their power taken away.”–Laurie Toole, MT-BC & Heather Zuchowski, ATR

 “We feel that good clinically based programs are not just about clinical work. We believe in a holistic approach to include intensive case management, interagency communication, referrals and support to the entire family. By the time children are accepted into the PALS program, their non-abusive parent has been participating in his or her own treatment and has already developed the trust necessary to commit to the intensive work that will ultimately serve to heal the family as a whole.” –Carol Saunders, MA

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