Early Childhood PBIS in Shelters–Portland, OR

Early Childhood Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (EC PBIS) is a nationally recognized, evidence based framework for preschool and Head Start settings, intended to promote the social emotional development and school readiness of children 0-5. EC PBIS has garnered substantial momentum in the local early childhood service system in Portland, OR​, and has been integrated in to county and community based early childhood mental health service provision. ​Multnomah County ​Defending Childhood brought together a collaborative work group to adapt the EC PBIS model for domestic violence shelters, adding content about trauma informed practice and the impacts of childhood exposure to violence on development. ​Raphael house playroomEC PBIS promotes shelter environments that are as nurturing to young children as possible, providing social and emotional learning opportunities and enhanced developmental supports by providing all shelter staff with skills to have positive interactions with children. ​Multnomah County Defending Childhood ​has delivered comprehensive, on-going training to shelter staff, including on-site coaching from​ Multnomah County ​Defending Childhood funded mental health consultants. The collaborative work group was a partnership between Multnomah County​ Defending Childhood, Bradley Angle, Raphael House, Mt. Hood Head Start, the Multnomah Education Service District, Project LAUNCH, Children’s Relief Nursery of Lifeworks NW, and Portland State’s Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services.

​Multnomah County Defending Childhood is currently evaluating the adapted model for effectiveness, and early results have been very positive.​

​The EC PBIS for DV Shelters training is available in video form, along with the slide set

​For more information ​or to implement EC PBIS in your DV Shelter, please contact Erin Fairchild, Multnomah County Defending Childhood Coordinator, erin.fairchild@multco.us