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October 15, 2022 | Video

A Love Letter to Survivors & Those Living with Violence or Abuse

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In “A Love Letter to Survivors,” we invite survivors of violence to envision how protective factors could help them and their families in the short term, and who can help build protective factors in the long term. There is a lot of individual variation in how we respond to crisis, adversity, and trauma. But we are all capable of so much more than surviving. There are protective elements in life that can help survivors thrive: supportive and meaningful connections, nurturing interactions and experiences, resilience and a belief in our growth, safer and more stable conditions, and the skills to understand ourselves and relate to others. These “protective factors” strengthen families, promote health, healing, and wellbeing, and prevent family violence. Anyone who works with adult or child survivors of violence can help by building protective factors for them. Learn more: Protective Factors for Survivors of Domestic Violence