Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

Resilient Families Idaho – From helping one survivor at a time, to fostering healthy relationships into the next generation.

The counselor helped me talk to my mom about how scared I was and how my tummy hurt. I didn’t want to bother mom because she had all that stuff with dad to worry about. But now I feel so much better. And me and mom are going to be all right. – 9-year-old boy

Resilient Families Idaho (RFI) initiative is transforming advocacy and counseling practices for families exposed to domestic violence. Traditional services have helped thousands of survivors and children, but not necessarily within the context of the non-abusing parent and her/his children. Yet it is this relationship which can be the biggest factor in a child’s healthy development. Resilient Families Idaho’s trained counselors and advocates provide trauma-informed, developmentally sensitive parent-child services to promote resiliency and thriving, life-long healthy relationships. Resilient Families Idaho’s partners integrate these parent-child practices and services into their overall organizational structure and build bridges in their communities to increase the most comprehensive, child and parent-child centered approach to creating healthy futures.

Resilient Families Idaho Organizational Partners:

  • Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • Bingham Crisis Center (Blackfoot)
  • Family Services Alliance (Pocatello)
  • Nampa Family Justice Center (Nampa)

Resilient Families Idaho Individual Clinician Partners:

  • Contact Melissa Ruth, at The Idaho Coalition for more information on Boise area RFI clinicians.